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Work At Home Scams Are Dead

Work At Home Scams haven’t affected me in years. And it won’t exist for you either if you:

1. Become An educated job seeker, Dummy!

The only way you can get scammed is if you don’t know what to look for and you don’t do you research. Here’s a quick way to know if the company you’re interested in working with is a scam. Go to Googe.com enter the company’s name or website address and the word scam or scams. For example, Paidresponse Scams, You’ll either find tons of results tearing the company apart or nothing significant.

As always check the following sites:


2. Don’t actively search for jobs!


I know this sounds ridiculous but a little known secret in job seeking is the fact that many employers don’t actively post their jobs. Instead they are searching resume databases of various job sites. So if you’re like everyone else who searches through job listings every day and applying to those listings you’ve pretty much missed out on some hot leads. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do this. But you should also be posting your resume to as many job sites as you can.

This will make your information available to legitimate employers & put you ahead of your competition. Scam artists use resume databases as well but they’re less likely to because it’s a high priced service. But if they do happen to have the money, if you’ve followed my first point in this article then you’re already an educated job seeker and will be able to spot the scammer!

3. Stop using major job sites!

That’s right, major job sites suck for work at home! They are not highly targeted for work from home. You might find a few scattered telecommuting jobs. But they’re buried deep in the millions of conventional job listings & home based business opportunities. It can take hours to sift through all that & granted you may have all the time in the world. But A better use of your time is to use job sites geared toward telecommuting aka work at home. Most of the time, the website owners have done all the leg work for you or their users have within their forums and you can find some great job leads there with minimal effort.

Some great resources are:


4. Know the difference between a job or home based business!


Too often I hear people whining & preaching everything that requires a fee is a scam! Nonsense! If you’re an educated job seeker you’ll know that a home based business will always require a fee because you’re basically being provided your own company to run. And guess what? Any company requires supplies, marketing material, etc, etc. to get started and to run a business. If it was free to run, then Mc Donald’s wouldn’t have to charge you for a burger. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

But a job on the other hand is when someone who owns a company or a home based business hires you to work for them for a set salary. You don’t need to pay them because you’re not forming a company. They’ve done that already and just need your help to run their business. So be sure you’re aware of what you’re looking into when an opportunity or job is presented to you. Don’t assume because a fee is mentioned it’s a scam! Know the difference.

5. Be in control!

If you keep in mind all the points I’ve listed above you can never be scammed. The proof is in the pudding. I was scammed once and ever since applying the points above, I’ve never fallen victim to a scam again. In fact I actually get paid to help people find scam free work at home jobs now. Well now you know why I feel Work At Home Scams Are Dead! If you follow this article they should be for you as well.

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