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About us

About us

Hello and welcome to Kokoshungsan- your ultimate one stop solution for everything.

We are an online business dealing with just about everything you can think of. We give you flight bookings, tourism services, education, translation, internet marketing and what not. consider Kokoshungsan as your online yellow pages with a little difference, instead of telling you where to go, we offer you all services our self, ensuring you don’t have to go here and there to find whatever is bothering you.

We also bring you the largest digital info product store. We give you books, software and just about any other product that you need to find information about anything at all. Our resources are authentic and provide you with authentic and updated information only.

Website building and hosting, we offer that as well. in short our aim is to accommodate our customers completely so that they can find all that they are looking for under one roof only. We give you everything from comparisons for travel packages to online universities offering multiple courses, Kokoshungsan is your own little service Wikipedia, only with authentic sources and service providers.

Our aim is to make everything easy and reliable for you. we bring you a lot of services but ensure client safety and security of information on the various platforms that we offer you. you can get in touch with our customer representatives to have all your queries answered and satisfied.

Customer satisfaction is our priority and we have tailored all our services to suit our customers’ requirements. Let us know what you need and we’ll ensure we give you customized services to suit your requirements. At Kokoshungsan you will find anything and everything and only the best. Check out our website today and let us know how can we be of any help to you.


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